SiteProtect is a new service offered by Coding Concepts that will keep your WordPress site safe, secure, and updated. We use awesome technology combined with cloud resources to make sure you never have to worry about your website. 

The best part is, you don’t need to know anything about WordPress to use our service – we manage everything for you!

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1726ee2b-c671-4c7c-a8fc-f1e4c9dabb65Your site receives daily backups of both the WordPress installation (all of your files and media images) as well as the database (which stores all of your page and post text). These backups are stored in both Amazon S3 servers for redundancy as well as another part of the same server that you’re already located on, for those of you hosted by Coding Concepts. These updates can be restored in as little as 5 minutes in some cases, and will do a complete restoration of your site to the previous backup.

Backups can range in size and depend on your media content and number of posts or pages. Storing them in Amazon S3 means they can be as large as you want, with no extra cost.



Maintenance & Updates

3ff54a8a-e2f1-48a3-b561-e9922f13eb89Your installation of WordPress will be monitored to make sure that your core files as well as plugins are up to date, which means it will also be as secure as possible. Sometimes updates to plugins break things, so we’ll do our best to fix whatever issues we run into during the process. Sometimes plugins can’t be updated right away, but we can still get to them within a reasonable amount of time. If you have an old theme that can’t be updated, don’t worry, we have a ton we can choose from to update you to.

Maintenance also includes keeping your database healthy and optimized, which is also done on a weekly basis.




52fc56af-28bc-4fff-9e93-3ec9bb34c7f9We will also install some additional plugins in your sidebar of the admin panel (keep your eyes peeled for them). These plugins will enhance the security of your WordPress installation and block unauthorized access, as well as notify you of attempts at accessing your site.

They will automatically block repeated (failed) attempts at login, protecting against brute force attacks, and if your site does get hacked or has been hacked in the past, it will use source code verification and signature scanning to make sure you won’t be at risk in future.




Advanced Uptime Monitoring

The final piece of the puzzle is making sure that your site is always up and available. If for some reason we are unable to connect to it, then Coding Concepts will initiate steps to either contact support where your website is hosted or contact our upstream web hosting provider directly, depending on if you are hosted with us or not.